Five Excellent Reasons to Buy a DIY Kit Home

Reason #1: Eco-Friendliness

One of the first good reasons to buy a prefabricated home is that they can be eco-friendly. A good example of a kit home company that takes this environmental pledge seriously is Stillwater Dwellings. Two expert architects and a custom homebuilder founded the prefabricated home company in 2008. The contemporary designs they offer to potential homeowners are aesthetically appealing and sleek, and they come in many designs and sizes. Energy efficiency can be realized by the well-insulated and tightly sealed designs of the buildings. There is also excellent space efficiency and optimized water heating systems that cut down on wasted energy.

Reason #2: Cost Savings

Another appealing feature of the kit homes are the low costs that the smaller versions offer. The Toronto-based Summerwood Company offers do-it-yourself small cottages that are about 12 by 14 feet for $9,195 to larger models that are about 24 by 34 feet for $40,695. The option is appealing for the homeowner that does not want the hassle of having a mortgage. Another company, Bungalow in a Box lets you buy weather tight frame structures that you can easily assemble in a short time. The pre-cut panels and components go together quickly and you can assemble camps, garages, offices, studios and cottages. Pour a foundation, and the buildings can be added to your property in a matter of days. Additionally, you can put the buildings together to have a larger home, or add them to an existing home to save on remodeling and home renovation costs.

Reason #3: Customization

Many home seekers want to put their personality into the home they select and have a say in the designing of it. Also importantly, they do not want to wait until the architect designs it, and then wait again for the home to be built. Lindal Cedar Homes answers this call for customization, and offers home planning seminars to their customers to let them give their input into the home building process. The elegant, wood homes embody many of the advantages that prefabricated homes have to offer by shortening the building and design process while providing an elegant result. You do not build the kit homes yourself because Lindal prefabricates the building and delivers the result to you. Some of the Lindal homes are just too beautiful to be believed and teamed with some great home decoration ideas will allow you to put your own individual touch on it.

Reason #4: High Aesthetic and Fast Delivery

It is not a very lofty goal, but some future homebuyers want something grandiose that they can brag to their neighbors about (read-keeping up with the Joneses). These buyers want to own a kit home that they believe the neighbors will ooh and aah about, and they want it quick. Bluhome can prefabricate a two level 3-4 bedroom home with an average total price tag of around $728,000 + land costs. The owner would have about a $3,000 a month mortgage. The stately nature and high aesthetic of these kit homes can satisfy the type of homebuyer that wants to buy that type of home. Bluhome can build the kit home in less time than regular construction timelines on a traditional home at a more predictable cost.

Reason #5: All of the Above

Zamore Homes combines a little of all the reasons above with its innovative designs. The kit is ordered completely off the shelf-ready to be assembled. Desirable features to the homeowner include the capability to build a small or large home, low cost, customization, ease of assembly and energy efficiency. Contractors take the Zamore home design and instructions and assemble the components in as little as twenty weeks. The result is a unique home and complete control of the purchasing experience.

However, one of the most compelling reasons to buy one of the best kit homes listed in this article may not even be on here, perhaps. A potential kit homeowner may not be able to exactly pinpoint why they want it, but they just know after researching them and looking at them that they want one. Many of the designs can be customized to your individual style and together with brilliant home decoration ideas can lead to a beautiful home with great bragging rights.