What Is The Best Place To Place Your Air Purifier in a Room?

If you have bought an air purifier for the first time, you may be wondering where you should place it in your home. The million-dollar question is, is it really important to choose a special position for the placement of these units? Can you put these air purifiers against a wall? In this article, we are going to answer these questions. Read on to find out more.

1. Distance From the Wall

If you want these units to give the best performance, make sure you put them against the wall maintaining a proper distance. If you don’t keep a minimum distance between the wall and the unit, the air purifier won’t be able to take in enough air.

If you put the unit against the wall, know that the airflow will be only 5%. But if you move it only 4 cm away from the wall, it will boost the airflow by 95%. So, what you need to do is have at least 10 cm of distance between the device and the wall.

Since different air purifiers have different inlet sizes, make sure the inlet of your device is a minimum of 15cm from your room wall. This is equal to the height of an iPhone 11.

2. Location in the Room

What is the importance of the location of the unit in your room? This is another common question that most users of the device ask from different forms. In an experiment, researchers found that the space near the air purifier has a slightly better quality of air than the space far away from the unit in the room.

So, we can say that it is slightly better to place an air purifier close to your bed in your bedroom. This experiment was done in an enclosed room, and the right-sized unit was placed to carry out the experiment.

Apart from this, it is important that you look for a unit based on the size of your room. Similarly, you can also keep the unit running at a low speed if the unit is big enough for your room.

3. Size of the unit

It is important to keep in mind that if this is a small unit, you can keep it running 24/7. The reason is that these small units don’t consume a lot of power. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your utility bills.

On the other hand, if you have purchased a unit that is power-hungry, we don’t recommend running it continuously. In this case, it is better that you turn on the unit when you are going to sleep. Running the unit for a few hours will be more than enough.

Bottom Line

Long story short, if you get a unit that is big enough based on the size of your room, there is nothing to worry about. You can place it anywhere in your room and it will purify your indoor air in an effective manner. Hopefully, this article is useful enough to answer all your questions.