Benefits of Air Purifiers in Purifying the Air


China is facing the worst air pollution situation ever. Cities, schools, and transportation are being shut down to control the rising pollution levels in its major cities. The crisis is affecting the children, making them vulnerable to a plethora of pulmonic diseases. Looking for greener solutions is a permanent fix to this rising population problem. But a temporary solution to protect you and your loved ones is to breathe purified air. A personal air purifier that is the size of a water bottle is available for purchase. Air pollution can cause respiratory inflammation in the general public and permanent respiratory degradation in infants and children. It is therefore essential to breathe pure air.

AQI – Air Quality Index

Air purifiers, don’t just purify the air these days! They sense the AQI – Air Quality Index – and inform you of the risk factor you are facing while you breathe that air. They are smart, connect to the wifi, to process the AQI data live for forecasting the future possibilities of AQI. They have a set of filters to purify the air to bring it down to a safe breathing level. They are very mobile and portable. You can use the same air purifier at your home, in your car, and at work. The functionality and the mobility of the air purifiers exponentially improved from what it was 10 years ago.

The AQI number and their corresponding safety factor are mentioned for your reference.

  • 0-50 – Good
  • 51-100 – Moderate
  • 101 -150 – Unhealthy for extremely sensitive people
  • 151-200 – Unhealthy for the general public
  • 200-300 – Extremely unhealthy
  • 300+ – Hazardous

Advantages of air filters

Air filters have many benefits that suit your needs. They are mobile and portable. They purify the air to bring AQI down to the good or medium range. They provide you with live information (if you get portable wifi connectivity enabled purifier) about the AQI of your current location. They improve your health and reduce the risk of pulmonary infections to a great extent. They can improve the reputation of your hospital, restaurant, or any other business. It can be a boost if you install air purifiers in your children’s ward. Today, there are countless benefits of having an air purifier to enable people around you to breathe pure air.

They come in various types, sizes, shapes, and even technologies. They come as a table purifier( portable – you can carry it with you everywhere), Car purifier ( installed in the car), Desktop purifier ( for office use), UVC technology purifier, Hepa purifier, and many more. You can choose the product that meets your requirements and needs from the catalog of extensive technologies and products. Olansi even offers various water purifiers along with hydrogen water purifiers.